Bid Buddy Instructions on Downloading Patterns

Downloading Patterns from the ALPA website                                To Download from the ATLAS website                                   

Select the Bid Month for which you want to process patterns.

Select "Patterns"..."Get and Process Patterns" to bring up the Pattern Acquisition Form as shown below.

Click the link to the ALPA website.  When the site comes up, enter your username and password. 

Select the appropriate month after the bidding section appears.  After you select the month, the following webpage will appear.

Click the Bid Buddy (patts) Link as shown.

The following screen will appear.

Select [Save]

A window will open which will allow you to select the location to which you want to download the "" file.

Navigate to the "C:\Bidbuddy6.0\Patterns" folder as shown.  Then click [Save]

After the file has downloaded, close your web browser and return to the Bid Buddy Bidmonth Data Form.

Press the [Process xxx Patterns] button.


Downloading Patterns from the ATLAS Website step-by-step




Downloading Patterns.... step-by-step from the ATLAS website

1) Select the month you want to process patterns for

2) Select "Links to...".... "ATLAS Website".  Make sure you online before clicking the link.


3) After entering your userid and password the ATLAS website will open.  Select your aircraft, month, and "zipped files only" as shown.


4) Click the "SHOW FILES" button.  What will appear is a list of the zipped files for that position as shown.

5) Click on the "" file... usually the 4th one in the list.  The following window will open.

6)  Click the "Save" button.  Then the open dialog window will appear.  Navigate to the "C:\Bidbuddy6.0\Patterns" folder as shown.


So that you see this before you press "Save"


7) Select the "Save" button.  And the "" file will be downloaded to your computer.  Close the web browser and return to Bid Buddy.  Click on "Patterns"...."Get and process patterns" as shown.  Because you downloaded the zip file into the "C:\Bidbuddy6.0" folder, BB will auto-find your zip file.  If you put it somewhere else, you will have to click on "Locate Downloaded Zip File" and navigate to where you put it and select it.  Now simply click the "Process Patterns" Button.


8) Bid Buddy will process the patterns.  As they process you will see the progress thermometer.  Once processing is complete, select [Exit].

The Pattern numbers will now appear in the list in the flight calendar as shown.


Congratulations!!  You've successfully loaded the month's patterns into Bid Buddy