Bid Buddy Startup Tips

Bid Buddy is an application that helps you bid in the fastest, most efficient and complete way possible. Then after bidding is complete, it provides an easy means to display and print your flight calendar and patterns. The capability afforded you in Bid Buddy exists in no other program in the world.

Here are the steps to follow the first time you use Bid Buddy

1) Download and process patterns. To do that select "Patterns...... Get and Process Patterns". You can download patterns from either the ATLAS or ALPA websites.   Using ALPA is now easiest.  Link to step-by-step instructions.

2) Place any known scheduled activities on the flight calendar.  If you have a carry-out trip, put that trip on the previous months calendar.   (You may have to download and process patterns for the previous month first to do that.)

3) Go to the "Pattern Analysis Screen" by selecting "Analyze"...."Pattern Analysis".  Select the criteria for the patterns you want to fly. To get to that screen select "Analyze" and then "Pattern Analysis.   Select [Show Matching Patterns] to look at the patterns BB selects from the criteria you provide.    Bookmark and rank the ones that appeal to you. You may bookmark as many patterns as you like.

4) Go to the Schedule Generator Screen. Select the days off that you want by clicking on the number of the day.   Select the hourly range for the schedules you want BB to build. Then click on the [Create Schedules] button. (You may also specify other directives that you want the SG to honor by checking the box next to the [Schedule Generator Directives] button, and then clicking on the button to open the SG Directives Window.)

5) Bookmark and rank the schedules you like. If you want, you can save your bookmarked schedules for later viewing. After you've bookmarked all the schedules that appeal to you, generate the bidscript and use it for bidding.

6) After you get your monthly schedule, drag-and-drop your trips onto your flight calendar. You can then print your schedule and patterns in many different ways.

7) If you are a commuter, select your commuter flights and add them to the Master Commute Flight List. (You will first have to setup your commuter flight possibilities in "Preferences" ..."Commuter Flight Setup"

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