Latest SIU Information


The newest release of SIU will occured on March 10th.  It will include the following updates and improvements:

  1. The Bid Month Date tags for April.  These tags are required to upload your April 2020 bid script.
  2. A new bid script to reflect the changes made to getting your pay stub.  After your pay stub downloads it will show automatically in your web browser.  The Display Menu has changed so that you can use Alt-1 to immediately display your most recently downloaded pay statement.
  3. The big news is the ability to now generate and upload "followed by" scripts even in schedules with more than five pairings.  Bid Central recognizes this kind of script and structures it in a way for SIU to parse it and upload it correctly.  Because you could possibly be awarded partial schedules, SIU will construct the bid to mitigate this possibility.  Here is the strategy:  Say a schedule contains seven trips.  Instead of dividing the schedule into a five-trip "followed by" and a two trip "followed by", BC will construct the bid using a four trip "followed by' and a three trip "followed by".  That way if PBS can award one "followed by" and not the other, it will likely result in credit value being below the minimum credit value, so the schedule will not be awarded and will be cleared with a "Clear_Schedule_and_Start_Next_Bid_Group" command before progressing the next schedule group.   If the "followed by" group contains an entire schedule (say four or five trips)  there is no need to clear and start again if the "followed by" group is not awarded.  This new capability gives pilots the greatest possible flexibility in building schedules in the RamJet without any constraints on the number of trips those schedules can contain and still work with SIU.  Please note that you must also install the latest version of Bid Central (also to be released on March 7) to take advantage of this new capability as SIU depends upon a modified bid script format from Bid Central.  Also note that when uploading this new type of script, SIU will display the running script on the left side of the Imacros Browser.  I may be able to not show this panel in future updates but I cannot be certain at this juncture.  Please see the following example below.
  4. Improves the immediate display of the reasons report after you automatically download it.

Here is an example of a schedule created in the Ramjet 2020 and how it will appear in the resulting bid script which can then be uploaded automatically by SIU.  Please ignore the credit values as I recalled this saved schedule which was built before I added training days to the calendar.

As you can see, this schedule contains seven trips which is two more than can be accommodated in a single "followed by" line.  Below is a snipet of the resulting Bid Script:

=============== Bid Group 1 ==============
1: Start Pairings
2: Award Pairings If Pairing Number L689
Followed By (Allow Intervening) Pairings If Departing On Apr 11, 2020 If Pairing Number L674
Followed By (Allow Intervening) Pairings If Pairing Number 5067

3: Award Pairings If Pairing Number 4763
Followed By (Allow Intervening) Pairings If Pairing Number 4756
Followed By (Allow Intervening) Pairings If Pairing Number 4472
Followed By (Allow Intervening) Pairings If Pairing Number 4647

4: Clear Schedule and Start Next Bid Group
Award Pairings

As you can see from the above, BC has grouped this schedule into two "followed by" lines.  The first has three trips and the second four.  Since awarding only one or the other will result in a schedule below the min schedule value, if PBS cannot award both it will continue down to "Clear Schedule....", clear your schedule, and start anew with the the next schedule option.  I think you will agree that this is a very powerful new feature because you are not limited to schedules with five pairings or less.