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Softmica Password Manager (SPM) Product Information and Download Page

You can use the Softmica Password Manager for free in slightly "limited" mode until you to register.   New Users:  Click here to download now     Select the [Run] option.

Current users:  Click to download V2.301 Update.   Select the [Run] option.  Update Notes:    SPM costs only $10.95 to register and gain full unlocked capability. 

To use SPM auto-login with Windows VISTA, turn off protected mode in your Internet Explorer security settings.                                                                        


  Update Notes:

Version 2.301

  1. Has improved error tolerance so that you should never see an error message when you try to start a web page.
  2. Improved screen look.  The bar above the "Go" button is now gone and the "Go" button itself is what is colored to indicate the automatic functionality available for the selected site.

Version 2.300

  1. This update implements automatic sequential copy of the user name and password into the Windows clipboard when you open any site.  The sound effects indicate when these fields are available to be copied into the appropriate fields in the web site login page.  You do this only for sites that use a java script login and copy is not automatic.  See the updated program help for more information on this feature and also the [Sequential Copy] button.
  2. Improves the Credit Card screen so that different card number formats are available depending upon the card type you select.
  3. Implements drag-and-drop capability from the IE URL box into the SPM URL box when entering a new website.

Version 2.21

This update fixes an error condition which was occurring when you selected a new site from your site list dropdown and then pressed the [Enter] key.  It also fixes a rare condition in which you would get the message "variable opxfrm does not exist".

Version 2.20 has the following changes and improvements:

        1)  You can use [Enter] when confirming a password after entering it.  This obviates the need to use the mouse to click the [Verify Password] button

        2)  The countdown to lock timer can now be set for up to 12 hours.  If the lock timer is set to a value above 1000 seconds, a clock is displayed until the time gets to be less then 1000.  You can now click on the clock or countdown timer to immediately lock SPM.  You can move the mouse pointer over the clock to see how much time is left before SPM is locked.

        3)  The password report has been aesthetically improved.

        4)  When entering a new user, the master password will automatically appear in the password field the first time it is needed.  It will appear undisguised so you can see what it is without consulting user help.

        5)  When entering the user name and password, you can now press [Enter] after entering the password (since this is the last field) to save the entry.

        6)  A possible error condition when using the Master Password List search box as been corrected.

        7)  The help file has been updated to reflect these and other previous changes.

        8)  Fixes an "OLE Disconnect" error condition that could occur after opening more than 10 instances of IE using SPM.

        9)  SPM now requires the password for any user whose name you want to edit in the MP window.


  Version 2.17 has improved error handling for the condition that you close a site while it's opening or SPM cannot connect with the site you've selected to open.

  Version 2.16 has the following changes:

    1)  You can now securely copy credit card numbers using the [copy] button which appears above the CC number.  This functions just like the password copy button.

    2)  The following special characters are now allowed in passwords:  @#$%&*

    3)  The countdown to lock timer can now be adjusted as high as 900 seconds

    4)  You can no longer drag-and-drop a site to a button preset.  Instead you must click on the preset button you want to set.  If you want to reset a button, you must clear it first by right-clicking on the button to clear, and then set as usual.


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