Softmica Calc is one of the worlds best on-screen calculators.  It has an extraordinary number of features and is free to download and use.

Version 3.09 adds conversion from liters to cubic inches and cubic inches to liters

Version 3.08 fixes a problem in which memory labels are recalled improperly when starting SoftmicaCalc.

Version 3.07 fixes some issues related to saving and recalling memory sets.

Version 3.05 fixes an issue in which all memory cells would not be saved to the memory management data seet.

Version 3.03 offers the ability to save and recall an unlimited number of memory sets.  You can also save and recall any paper tape and resume where you left off.  Version 3.04 also fixes a few minor issues and gives you the option to rename any saved memory set.

Softmica Calc Screen shot:


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