Bid Central Feature Summary

Bid Central offers an exceptional, feature-rich environment for quickly constructing the "perfect bid".   And once you've bid, it offers a continuous flight calendar with numerous options and printing styles.  The best way to familiarize yourself with the easy and powerful capability of Bid Central is to download the program for your free trial.  Click on the links to see an actual

 image of each screen.  Click here for the top 10 reasons to register Bid Central






Please note that the screen shots in the following links are from Bid Buddy, the predecessor to Bid Central.  They will be updated soon to reflect the changes and improvements that exist throughout Bid Central.


New Features in Bid Central

  •   Ability to process Delta trip rotations (pairings or patterns) from their .zip files
  •   Option to display and print patterns in either the Delta format or a format very similar to current NWA patterns.
  •   New Pattern Processing options that determine what information is shown in the optional NWA pattern format.
  •   Ability to generate a Delta PBS compatible bid script
  •   Soon, the ability to copy your bid script directly into the Navtech desktop application (technology permitting)
  •   New fully html context sensitive help with many keyword links and screen shots.
  •   New "one-click" ability to process month-end transition patterns.
  •   Print Flight Attendant (Flight Leader) briefing forms for each segment on your flight schedule or for any specific FC trip.
  •   FFDO flight segment output for all domestic segments on your Flight Calendar for easy one-click copy into the FFDO web page.
  •   and many more improvements and features......

Please note that the following screen shots are for Bid Buddy and will be updated soon to reflect the changes in Bid Central.


Flight Calendar


The flight calendar is the working hub of Bid Central.  It contains your actual schedule and trip list for the bid  month you select.  You can easily put all of your trips and scheduled activities on the flight calendar.  You can also put any other activity you choose on the calendar simply by typing in the box for that day.  You can generate an html version of the Flight Calendar which you can email or post to a web site.  You can also transfer your FC info into the MS Outlook calendar in one of two formats, or create an ICS version of the FC.  This allows you to then transfer your FC activities into your Google Calendar or iphone.


  Pairing Analysis Screen

The Pairing Analysis Screen gives you unprecedented power to quickly find the trips you desire.  You simply select the criteria that define the trips you want to fly and select [Show Matching Pairings] to view the results.  The PA screen provides immediate feedback on the number of matching pairings when you change any selection criteria.  The selection criteria have also been designed to closely match ATLAS BID.

When you select [Show Matching Pairings], BC activates the Pairing Display Screen.  It is on this screen that you "Bookmark" and "Rank" the pairings you want the BC Schedule Generator to consider.  You can also select (or limit) the  trip operating days you want the schedule generator to use.


 Layover Analysis Screen

The Bid Central Layover Analysis Screen is where you can find out about all layovers in the pairing list.  You can visually see on which days the selected layover occurs, and can further refine by layover arrival time and layover length.

Ram Jet Schedule Generator

The ultimate power of Bid Central lies in the Ramjet schedule generator (SG).  The BC SG will generate every possible combination (up to 999) of legal schedules from "Bookmarked" trips within the hourly range you specify.  The Ramjet SG has unprecedented FAR Part 117 legality checking.    You can also define SG directives which further refine the schedules BC creates.  Once you generate schedules, you can "Bookmark" and "Rank" the schedules you like, and ultimately generate an optimized Delta PBS compatible bid script corresponding with the schedules you "Bookmarked" and "Ranked".  You also have the option of manually creating schedules merely by dragging-and-dropping them on the schedule generator.  After you have bookmarked schedules, you simply click [Gen Bid Script] to generate your bid script.  You can even print it out in a color-coded format as shown below.  A new SG feature allows you to drag trips you really like onto the SG Calendar, and then have BC build all possible schedules (from other trips you have bookmarked) that accommodate those "fixed" trips.  This gives you incredible flexibility to experiment with different schedule building scenarios based upon trips you know you can hold.

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