IMPORTANT!! For those users running under any version of Windows besides XP, please read the following:  After downloading and installing Bid Central for the first time, a Bid Central icon will appear on your desktop.  Right-Click on that icon and select "Properties". After the window opens select the "Compatibility Tab".  In the Compatibility mode box check "Run this program in compatibility mode" and then select "Windows Service Pack 3".  If you have the option below that of selecting "Run as Administrator" also click that box.  In Windows Vista, simply click "Run As Administrator" after right-clicking on the BC icon.  After completing these steps you can click on the BC icon to start BC normally.

If you have already accomplished the above, then follow the instructions below to do a "clean install".

Fixing problems in Bid Central:

There are two things you can try to eliminate BC problems.  Try option 1 first.  If that doesn't work, scroll down and perform option 2 which is an extension of option 1.  Option 1 is applicable only for users running VISTA and Windows 7.

  1. Open Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows Key (looks like a flag on bottom left of keyboard) and the [E] key together briefly.  You will see the following image: 
  2. Navigate to the "C:\Program Files\Softmica\BidCentral10" folder.   First double click on Local Disk (C:) or whatever it is called on your computer.  You will then see the folders under "C".
  3. Then select "Program Files" by double clicking on it.
  4. Then Select "Softmica" by double clicking on it.
  5. Then select "BidCentral9" by double clicking on it.
  6. Notice the "Compatibility Files" folder. 
  7. Click on "Compatibility Files".  A new window will open.  Delete ALL of these files. 
  8. Now start Bid Central and all of these files will be updated automatically.   That could resolve any error conditions.
  •   Option 2 - Perform a "Clean Install"
  1. Do all of the above steps to eliminate files in the "Compatibility Folder" (Vista and Win 7 users only)
  2. Then delete the "C:\Program Files\Softmica\BidCentral10" folder
  3. Select the "C:\BC_Backup" folder and delete all files inside of it except "Profile.dbf" and "Profile.fpt"
  4. Empty the Recycle Bin
  5. Un-install Bid Central 10
  6. Re-install Bid Central 10