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Bid Central Overview.... Where to start and what it does

How to activate Help in Bid Central

To access help for any screen when using Bid Central, simply press the F1 key on your keyboard.  You can also access help by selecting the "Help" menu and then "Help".  On many screens is a button with a "?".  Pressing that button will bring up the help topic for that screen.

Bid Central 10

Bid Central 10 is designed to handle and honor the legality requirements imposed in FAR part 117.  Click on the link below for a more detailed summary of what is new in BC10.

What's New in Bid Central 10...

Quick Overview

Bid Central (also referred to in this help as BC) is a world class application that helps you bid your monthly schedule in the fastest, most efficient and complete way possible.   It gives you the tools to quickly identify the trips you prefer, and then to build all possible legal schedules from those trips using the Ramjet Schedule Generator (RJSG).  You can then rank the schedules you like most and automatically generate a bid script for those schedule preferences.  Each schedule is a bid group, and the bid groups consist of the schedules in the order your ranked them.    After bidding is complete, BC provides an easy means to display your schedule on the Flight Calendar (FC) and print your flight schedule calendar and pairings.  The capability afforded you in Bid Central exists in no other program in the world.  You can literally accomplish in a few minutes what would require many hours using pencil and paper, and the analysis tools in BC are much faster and comprehensive than the Delta PBS software.  And Bid Central does not make mistakes.

A Few Notes

The contents of this help was largely adopted from Bid Buddy and then modified for Bid Central.  You might notice some discrepencies in some screen shots between "help" and the actual program.  This is because the program continued to evolve as I concurrently wrote this help.  Over time and once I am sure there will not be any significant changes to a screen, I will replace the screen shots with shots reflecting the most current status of Bid Central.  I like to release updates as soon as possible and sometimes the help information lags a bit.  In all cases, the functionality is essentially the same.

Here are the steps to follow the first time you use Bid Central

When starting Bid Central for the first time, you will see the BC splash screen and then BC will display the initial User Profile Screen.  When you are just beginning you need only fill out the very top of the screen with your name, hire date, Base, Acft, and position. (If you are a Bid Buddy user, this information will be copied automatically.)  The longevity date is the date your pay changes if you aren't yet at the 12-year longevity point.  You need not change any of the preferences at this point.  After you are finished entering information on this screen click [Use].  You will then see the BC registration screen.  If you want to take advantage of the trial period simply click [Register Later]. After that  the Flight Calendar (FC) will appear.  This is the primary screen in Bid Central and will be blank when you first begin.  All of the menu options in Bid Central are available from the FC.

In this text and also in Bid Central, the terms "Pattern", "Pairing", "Trip", and "Rotation" are used interchangeably.  All four words mean the same thing.  A schedule is defined as a set of parings in a bid-month that can appear on either the Flight Calendar or Ramjet SG Calendar or within a bid script bid group.

Click this link for information on the Bid Central operational philosophy.

1)  Download and process pairings.  To do that select "Pairings...... Get and Process Pairings (Patterns)".  You now need to download pairings for your position from Delta Net..  See the help topic "Downloading Pairings From Delta Net".

2)  Place any known scheduled activities on the Flight Calendar (FC).

3)  Go to the "Pairing Analysis Screen" and select the criteria for the pairings you want to fly.  To get to that screen select "Analyze" and then "Pairing Analysis.   Look at the pairings BC selects by pressing .  The Matching Pairings Window will open to show the pairings that match your selection criterion.  Bookmark and rank the ones that appeal to you.  You may bookmark as many pairings as you like.

4)  Go to the Ram Jet Schedule Generator Screen.  Select the days off that you want.  Select the hourly range for the schedules you want BC to build.  Then click on the [Create Schedules] button.  (You may also select the maximum number of commutes you want BC to allow when building schedules by activating and opening the SG Directives.)

5)  Bookmark and rank the schedules you like.  If you want, you can save your bookmarked schedules for later viewing.  After you've bookmarked all the schedules that appeal to you, generate the bidscript and use it for bidding.

6)  After you get your monthly schedule, drag-and-drop your trips (pairings) onto your flight calendar.  You can then print  your schedule and pairings in many different ways.

7)  If you are a commuter, select your commuter flights and add them to the Master Commute Flight List.  (You will first have to setup your commuter flight possibilities in  "Preferences" ..."Commuter Flight Setup"