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Commuter Route Setup

You can establish any number of one and two leg commuter routes that meet your needs.  There are two sets of routes:  1) Routes to Work   2) Routes Home.  Normally for each route to work, you will have an opposite routing for the route home.  For example if you are commuting from AtL to MSP, you might have the following routes.

    Routes to Work                        Routes Home

     ATL-MSP                                   MSP-ATL
     ATL-MEM-MSP                         MSP-MEM-ATL

Because of the complementary nature of routes to work and routes home, when you enter a route in one direction, the route in the opposite direction is automatically entered by BC.

There will be flights for each route.  Flights can be entered for any airline.  
To Enter a new route, click [New].   The city (airport) selection boxes will be enabled.  Your default from (or to) city is the base you selected in your user profile.  Select the other airports in the route and press [Save].  The new route will be entered in the route list.  BC will not allow you to enter the same route more than once.  You can enter as many unique routes as you like and your home city need not be the same for each route.

Once you enter a route, the complementary route will exist also.  From the time you enter your first route, BC will assume the same route beginning and ending cities for each direction.

If you delete a route, the complementary route (and associated flights) is also deleted.