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Creating an ".ics" version of your Flight Calendar

The ".ics" calendar format is the format used by Apple and Google.  To create a file that supports this format for importing into and ical style calendar, simply "Reports"..... "Create .ics style calendar from FC".  When you do that, BC will create a file under the "C:\BidCentral\ICS_Calendars" folder which will describe your schedule and FC in that format.  You can then select that file for importing into a program that supports ".ics" format calendars.  This calendar file has been recently updated so that all times are "local" times which is what you really use when referring to any trip details.

To import your .ics file into the Google Calendar which you can then sync to your iPhone or Blackberry, do the following:
  • Open the Google Calendar you want to put your FC schedule onto.
  • On the left side of the screen is a link button that says "Add".  Click it.
  • Click the "Import Calendar" option.
  • When Import window open, navigate to the "C:\BidCentral\ICS_Calendars\" folder and then select the calendar for the month you want to import.  Then click on the [Import] button.   The .ics version of your FC will be imported into the Google Calendar.