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Create Schedules Button in the Ramjet Schedule Generator

When you press the [Create Schedules] button, Bid Central will create every possible legal schedule combination (up to 999)  from your BOOKMARKED pairings.  Remember, only pairings that you have "Bookmarked" are considered.  If you have not "bookmarked" any pairings, this button is disabled.  A "Generating Schedules" window will appear while BC is generating schedules.  After the RJSG is finished building schedules, the first schedule built will be displayed on the RJSG Calendar.

Here is a screen shot of the RJSG for schedules created for an arbitrary (and small) set of bookmarked pairings.

In this case, the RJSG created only 7 schedules , and the screen shot shows that we are looking at the first schedule (as denoted by the "1") in the box .

Higher ranked pairings (1 being the highest rank) are considered first as the RJSG builds schedules.  Schedules are built so they don't conflict with scheduled activities or selected days off, and they are built to honor legality requirements.  Be sure to enable 31/32-in-7 checking if you want the schedule generator to honor that legality.  Generated schedules are built to the credit range you select with the Min Sched & Max Sched controls. The number of schedules generated appears in the yellow window between and below the arrows, and is updated as BC builds schedules.  

If you have checked the button adjacent to the [Schedule Generator Directives] command button, BC will honor the directives specified when building schedules.

If you have bookmarked a large number of pairings, BC may take a while to consider all combinations and build the appropriate schedules.  You may terminate schedule building early by pressing the [Esc] key.  Bid Central will stop building schedules at that time and show you the schedules that have been generated up to the point at which you pressed [Esc].

After generating schedules, the button text changes to [Reset Calendar].  Pressing the [Reset Calendar] will clear all schedules and change the button back to [Create Schedules].