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What Bid Central Can Do For You
  • Bid Central is a "complete" solution for not only bidding, but also for displaying and printing your awarded results in the best way possible.  What follows is a summary of everything Bid Central can do.
  • Find the pairings you want to fly in either the Pattern Analysis or Layover Analysis Screens.  These analysis tools are the fastest, most comprehensive and most powerful in the world, yet very easy to use.
  • View pairings in either the Delta or modified Northwest format.
  • Automatically generate all possible schedules from the trips you like and view them individually on a dynamic calendar.
  • Visually build schedules manually with all of the requisite legality checking.
  • Generate a bid script for bidding the schedules you like in the order of your preference.
  • Display your awarded schedule in a dynamic calendar with trip detail available in a click.
  • Print many different reports showing your schedule with and without pairings.
  • Allow you to integrate your "Flight Calendar" into other programs and even download your entire flight schedule into your cell phone calendar.
  • Allow you to do post-award analysis to find the best schedule you could have held at your seniority.
  • Create three different styles of log pages from your awarded pairings.
  • Create an html version of your Flight Calendar (also family calendar) which you can send to family and friends or post on a website.