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Creating a Made-up Pairing and Adding it to Flight Calendar

You can easily create a "made-up" pairing and add it to the pairing list.  You create a made-up pairing by modifying an existing pairing.  To do that, right click on the pairing number you want to modify in the FC Trips List and select "Create New pairing from this one".

A new window will open showing the pairing. 

Modify the pairing so that it is exactly as you want it, making sure all new pairing information lines up exactly as it previously did in the template pairing you are using.  It's easiest to use "overwrite" mode when modifying a pairing.  (Press the [Insert] key on your keyboard to toggle between insert and overwrite modes.)

Next, select the days the pairing operates by clicking on the appropriate days.  Click the day again if you decide to de-select it.

When you are ready select the "Process .." command button.  Bid Central will attempt to process the pairing.  If the format is correct, Bid Central will tell you that the pairing has been successfully processed.  If not, Bid Central will tell you that it couldn't process the pairing because the format was incorrect.    After you close the template window after processing, the pairing number will be included in the list of pairing numbers and you can drag-and-drop the trip onto the calendar just as you can any other pairing.  This is very useful for month-end transition pairings.

If you make a mistake when creating the made-up pairing and notice that mistake after dropping the trip on the calendar, do the following.  Right-click on the trip in the trip list and again select  "Create New pairing from this one".  Then edit this pairing to eliminate any errors that you find.  You will again need to select the day that the pairing operates.  Unless you entered it in error, do not change the pairing number.  Then Select [Process and Save pairing].  If the pairing is successfully processed, Bid Central will overwrite the old pairing with this one.  Exit the Edit pairing Window, and then re-drag the pairing onto the flight calendar and "overwrite" the save (but flawed) pairing on that day.

If you select only one trip operating day the "Automatically Insert trip into FC after processing" check box is enabled.  If you leave that box checked, BC will automatically add the new trip to the FC after you process it.  If there are activities during the trip period, BC will offer the option to overwrite them with the new trip.  Remember, you must still press the [Save] button on the FC to enforce the change.