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Creating an html Version of the FC

You can now easily create an html (web page) version of your flight calendar (FC) with one click.  The beauty of this is that your flight calendar becomes portable.  You can easily view it as a web page, publish it to a web site, or email it to anybody you want to have your flight schedule.

To create a web page (html) version of your flight calendar, select "Reports"..."Create html Flight Calendar".  

As soon as you do that, your web browser will be launched to show you the html version of your FC.  Once created, you can access the FC at any time from the "Links"... "HTML Flight Calendar" menu option.  That option is only enabled if you have already created an html version of you FC for the selected month.

Printing the HTML calendars

To print any HTML calendars, just select the print option in your web browser when viewing them.  
There is one important thing you must do however, if you want the calendars to print as you see them in your browser.

Select:   "Tools"...."Internet Options" menu
     Then click the "Advanced" tab
     Scroll down to the "Printing" section
      Make sure you check the "Print background color and images" check box

Emailing your HTML FC

View your html FC from within your browswer (remember, you can view by selecting "Links to...."...."HTML Flight Calendar")
Select "File"...."Send"...."Page by Email"
When you select that option, your email client will be launched with the html fc file selected as an attachment that will be emailed to whomever you put in your address list.