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Bid Central Operational Philosophy

BC uses the operational philosophy that if you cannot do something then that function will be disabled until conditions are right for you to do it.  For example, BC uses only Bookmarked pairings to build schedules in the Ramjet Schedule Generator (RJSG).  If you haven't Bookmarked any pairings, the the [Create Schedules] button will not be enabled.  Once you've Bookmarked one or more pairings, the [Create Schedules] button will be enabled.  Another example along the same lines is the [Clear Bkmarks] button in the Pattern Analysis (PA) Screen.  That button will only be enabled if you have set some bookmarks that can be cleared.  And if you do [Clear Bkmarks], the [Create Schedules] button will be disabled at the same time.

The above operational philosophy extends to menu items as well.  If the menu item is not enabled it means information is missing that would allow that function to have meaning.  For example, if you select an empty month on the Flight Calendar (empty meaning that no pairings have been loaded for that month), the menu items under "Analyze" that require pairings will be disabled.

BC also saves the context of each window you are working in so that you can have many different windows open at once and switch among them as you need to.  For example, you can have both the Pattern Analysis Window and the Ramjet Schedule Generator Window open simultaneously. There are some "modal" windows which you must close before working in another window, but in BC that is the exception rather than the rule.  

If you do something important in Bid Central that is not easily reversable after you do it, BC will ask you to confirm your action.  For example, if you press the [Clear Bkmarks] button,  BC will ask you to confirm that you want to clear them so that you don't accidentally erase the bookmarks you've dilligently set.

Dynamic Calendars

Both the Flight Calendar and Ramjet Schedule Generator Calendar are dynamic.  What that means is that the pairing information on the calendar is always available with a click, and that legaility checking will automatically be performed when you make any changes to the calendar.  You can also quickly determine the hardfly information between any two pairing segments anywhere on either calendar.  You can re-size the FC, but because of control density on the RJSG, that screen cannot be re-sized.