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Deleting Commuter Routes to/from Work

You can delete any commuter route at any time.  It is important to note that when you delete the route, all flights on that route are also deleted with the route.   Furthermore, the complimentary route is also deleted with all of it's associated flights.

The only reason to delete a route is that you  no longer plan to commute on that route.

To Delete a route:
1) Select "Preferences" then "Commuter Flight Setup".  The Commuter Route/Flight Setup Screen will appear.
2) Select either [Show Commute to Work] or [Show Commute Home]
3) Press the  [Add/Remove] Route(s) to Work (Home)] Command Button.  The "Routes to Work/Home" Window will open
4)  Highlight the route you want to delete (in the route list) by clicking on the target route
5)  Press the [Delete Selected Route] Command button.  The button is below the list.
6)  When you press the button, you will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the route and all flights for that route.
7)  After confirming, the route and all flights will disappear from Bid Central.