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Displaying times between selected trip flight segments in the RJSG and FC

You can display the domestic, international, and augmented hardfly between any flight segments for trips on the Flight and SG Calendar.  The resultant display also shows the elapsed departure to arrival times between the selected segments.  

Selecting the flight segments

First, click over the body of the desired trip day in the SG Calendar.  Then right-click over the body of the trip (box that shows layover info) in the SG Calendar.  The SG or FC pop-up menu will appear.  Click "Show Hardfly between Days/Segments".  A sub-menu will appear.  The number of segments on that trip day will be enabled.  Select the segment you want to start with.  The time will be calculated based upon the departure time of that segment.  All segment times are normalized for timezone changes.  When you click, the message "first segment selected" will appear above the SG or Flight Calendar.

Follow the same procedure to select the ending segment.  The arrival time for the second segment will be used.  So the times calculated will be from the departure time of the first segment to the arrival time of the second segment.  After making your choice for the second segment time, the calculated info will be displayed.

If you clear or change the SG Calendar before selecting the second time, the first time choice will be reset and negated, and the "first segment selected" message will disappear.

Note:  In actuality, BC doesn't care which order you select the segments.  It compares the segment position on the calendar (even on the same trip day) and picks the appropriate first and last segment.