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Downloading Pairings From Delta Net

What follows are the steps required to download pairings from Delta Net and save them where Bid Central can find them.

1)  Log onto Delta Net.  From Departments select "Flight Operations"

2)  Select Pilot Resources and Scheduling


3)  Select the bid packages for the month you will be bidding


5)  The table of aircraft and bases will appear.  You are interested only in the ".zip" files, so ignore the ".pdf" table.

6)  Right click over the your aircraft/base.  In this case it is the M88 in ATL.  Then select the "Save Target as.." option.  After selecting that option a window will open.  Now here is the key thing to always remember when downloading your pairings:  Always save your pairings in the "Patterns" folder under "C:\BidCentral\".  Never rename this file. Bid Central will rename it automatically when you process pairings.  It will be renamed the same name with a '-' and then the number of the month.  For example, May DTW320.ZIP will be renamed DTW320-5.ZIP.   Never select any other folder but the "Patterns" folder under "C:\BidCentral"!!  

For Windows XP Users

You can navigate to this folder by first selecting "My Computer"... then "Local Disk C"... and then clicking on the "BidCentral" folder that will appear below the "C:".  After clicking on the "BidCentral" folder you will see a bunch of folders beneath it.  Double-click on the "Patterns" folder as shown here.

When you do that, this window will appear as follows.

Click [Save] and the download window will open showing the download progress.  After download is complete, click [Close].

You have successfully downloaded the pairings for your position.  Return to the Pairing Acquisition Form to Process Pairings.

For Windows Vista Users

The process is the same as for XP, but the file selection and navigation screens are different.