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Editing Commuter Flight Segments

You can edit commuter flight segments in several ways.  The first way is to select "Preferences"... "Commuter Flight Setup" and then select [Add New Flight(s) for Selected Route].  The Flight Data Form will appear.  Select [New Flight] to enable the fields.  If you enter an existing flight number, all of the information previously entered for that flight (and the connecting flight if there is one) will be displayed.  Simply make the changes you want to the flight(s) and press [Save] and the information will be updated.

You can easily change either the flight number, departure time, or arrival time.  You can change those directly in the flight display.  To change the flight number, just click on it and change it.  To change the departure or arrival time, right-click on the field and then enter the new time in the time calculator. 

You can also update flights using the flight table editor.  Simply copy the new flight information into the flight table editor.  When you select [Process], then new flight info will be processed.  Any flight numbers that match the new ones will be overwritten with the new information.