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Generating Delta PBS Bid Script from Bookmarked Schedules

When you press , Bid Central will generate a Delta PBS compatible bid script. 

Note:  This button will be enabled only if you have bookmarked at least one schedule in the RJSG.

The bid script will consist of bid groups.  Each bid group will correspond to a schedule you have ranked.  Bid groups will be produced  in rank order.  Each bid group will be headed by the heading you set under "Preferences"--"Set Bid Group Header".  What follows is an example of a bid script with seven bookmarked schedules and the generic schedule at the end.

If you check the Append box, the bid script will be appended to the previously created script(s);  otherwise, the script will be overwritten.

If a trip in a bid group operates on only one day,  BC will display "AWARD Pairings if Pairing Number xxxx  >> Operates only: xxMon".  The advantage to this when using PBS is that you don't have to specify the trip operating day in your bid.  Furthermore, if there are several trips like that in a bid group, you can combine those trips into a single PBS line.  (e.g.  AWARD Pairings if Pairing Number xxxx, yyyy).  This will save significant time and preserve bid lines.

Click this link for information about the Bid Script Generation Options.