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Generating Schedules with a "Fixed Pairing"

You add a fixed pairing by dragging any pairing (bookmarked or not) onto the RJSG Calendar when the [Create Schedules] command button is shown and enabled.  BC will recognize and label that pairing as a "Fixed" pairing.  It will remain on your RJSG Calendar until you remove it.  When you add "fixed" pairing(s), BC will perform legality checking to ensure the pairing you add doesn't violate any legalities with any other "fixed", carry-in, or previous month's pairing.

When you build schedules and the SG Calendar contains a "fixed" pairing(s), all possible schedules will be created from "bookmarked" pairings that accommodate the "fixed" pairing(s) you put on the calendar.  The "pairing-day limit" directive has no effect on the "fixed" pairing, but does still limit all other pairings when building schedules.  In essense you are building every possible schedule that works with the "fixed" pairing(s) on the RJSG Calendar.  This is very desirable if you a a senior bidder and know you can hold the "fixed" pairing(s) and want to see what other pairings will work with them.

Removing Fixed pairing(s)

You can remove "fixed" pairings in one of two ways.  If you have more than one "fixed" pairing and want to remove just one of them, simply "right-click" on the calandar block with that pairing.  A pop-up will appear with an option that says "Remove Fixed pairing".  This option will only be available if the pairing you select is indeed a "fixed" pairing.  When you select that option, BC will remove the "fixed" pairing.

You can always remove all "fixed" pairing(s) using the [Remove Fixed Trip(s)] command button.  The labeling on the button will change to reflect the number of "fixed" pairings on the RJSG Calendar.  When you click that button, ALL "fixed" pairings will be removed.

When you remove "fixed" pairing(s), credit values are updated accordingly.