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How to Register Bid Central

To register Bid Central, go to the Bid Central website and click on the registration page.  (You can now access the BC webiste registration page directly from the registration screen.) 
The current cost to register Bid Central is $69/year.  Please see the registration page for more details. You can pay for Bid Central by clicking on the credit card link on the registration page, or by sending a check to payee Jim Firnhaber for $69 to : 

  Jim Firnhaber,
  14909 Summit Oaks Drive,
  Burnsville, MN   55337. 

Please include your BC serial number on your check.
If you pay from the website using PayPal, please include you serial # in the remarks.  If you pay by check, please put your serial # on the check.  I require your unique serial number (which is generated when you install BC) to create your registration number.

If you want to go to paypal directly to register, go to and remit payment of $69 to  Again, include your BC serial number in the merchant notes.

What is included with your subscription

Free Updates:  As a subscriber you are entitled to free updates which you can download from UNCONVERTED WINHELP MACRO:! ExecFile("")  These updates normally offer functionality and consmetic improvements based upon user feedback and suggestions.  As a subscriber, please feel free to offer any suggestions you have for improving Bid Central.

Support:  If you ever have a question or a problem when using Bid Central, you can email your question and be guaranteed a prompt reply.  You can also call.