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Layover Hotel List Management

The hotel list management function can be found in the menu:  "Analyze"...."Hotel List Management".  This screen allows you to edit information about long and short layover hotels and any associated limo service for any layover city.  When processing pairings, BC will compare the hotel in the pattern to the hotel stored in this table.  If the hotel changes, BC will update it.  Because BC will optionally add hotel phone information to your NWA style pairings, you must keep the phone numbers up-to-date for those numbers to be be accurate.  This is where you do that.  What follows is a screen shot of the Hotel List Management Screen.

In this screen you can sort either by airport code or city.  The above screen is sorted by airport code.  To sort by city, simply click on the text "City" and the sort will immediately change as shown below.

If the city name is incorrect or blank, click to edit the city name.  Click when you are finished editing.

Notes: Editing of city names is available only when the cities are sorted by airport ID.  If you are editing any other information and then select to edit the city name, all other changes will be lost.  You cannot change to "sort by city" while editing the city name.

You can edit any of the hotel information or the layover notes.  When anything changes the [Save] and [Cancel] button will be enabled.

You can transfer information from the long layover side to the short layover side or vice versa using the arrow buttons.  If you click on the button the information will be transfered from left to right.  If you right-click on the button, the information will be transfered from right to left.

Note:  For changes to appear on patterns in the NWA format, you must reprocess pairings.

You can delete any of the cities by clicking