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Saving and Recalling Different Sets of Selection Criteria in the PA Screen

When you exit out of the PA Screen, BC will automatically save your current screen selections and restore them when you return to the PA Screen.  However, you can also save up to ten different sets of selections and recall them at any time.  You can also set up a sequence of selections and then have BC automatically "Bookmark" and rank those trips.  

How to save any set of PA screen selections for later recall.

Check the check box.  This will enable the drop down selection window and the buttons to the right as shown below.

You can select any one of 10 presets in the drop down.

If selections have already been saved to a preset, when you select it, it will appear in bold and the [Save] and [Recall] buttons will be enabled as shown.

If nothing has been saved in that preset, the selection will be shown in normal font.  (The [Recall] button is enabled, but if you press it all screen selections will be cleared just as if you pressed .

To save the current PA screen selections, click the [Save] button.  Remember that if you button is shown in Bold, you will be overwriting any selections you previously saved in that preset.  If no values had previously been saved, the buttons will become bold after you press [Save] to indicate that a selection set is now stored in that preset.

You will also notice that after the 10 presets, there are two other presets labeled "Defaults" and "Avoids".  When you exit the PA screen, BC will always save the current screen selections in the "Defaults" position.  And when you set "Avoids", BC will always save those screen selections in the "Avoids" position.  So any Avoids that you have previously set are always available simply by checking the box next to [Set Avoids] as shown below.