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Pairing Specific Commuter Flight Display Screen

This screen shows flights that connect with a specific pairing.  If there are no flights that connect the day the pairing either departs or arrives, late flights the previous day or early flights the day after are displayed.  In that case the date will be shown in red and either PD, or ND will be displayed in the time box.  
PD = previous day
ND = next day

PD will show all the commuter flights later on the day before the pairing departs.
ND will show all fights departing before noon the day after the trip arrives.

If flights are found that connect on the same day, they (of course)  will be displayed.  You can see more flights by selecting a a wider time window for BC to look at.  Change the time by selecting a new time in the combo box above each flight list.  When you change to a new time, BC will instantly look for and diplay the commuter flights that honor the new time parameter.


Arr Pad is the amount of time between commuter flight arrival and check in.  If the pad is 30 minutes or less, it will be displayed in red.

Dep Pad is the amount of time after the pairing is scheduled to arrive at base that the commuter flight departs.  If the pad is 30 minutes or less, it will be displayed in red.

For commuter flights that you want to book the jumpseat on, click the bookmark checkbox.  You can then transfer them to the master commuter flight list.  Once a flight is transfered for a given date, it cannot be "bookmarked" or transferred again unless you first delete it from the master list.  After you transfer, the "bookmark" checkbox will be disabled for the flights you transferred.

See the help topic on the Master Commute List for more information on that topic.