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Automatically Bookmarking and Ranking Pairings (Trips) in the PA Screen

This is a very powerful feature for users whose pairing selection preferences are consistent from month-to-month.  In a single click you can bookmark and rank all of the pairings you like in groups of your order of preference.  And so how is this possible?

If you check "Select Preset Preferences" and have a series of pairing selection criteria preferences saved in your presets, the button will be enabled. Now here comes the good part. If you set your preset preferences so that as the presets advance they go from most selective (i.e. most preferred) trips to least selective (i.e. lesser preferred) you can automatically bookmark these trips according to your preferences and do so in just ONE CLICK!!. Simply click the button and BC will cycle through your presets (up to 10) and bookmark each set of unbookmarked trips in increments of 3. For example, the first preset matching pairing set would be bookmarked 1, the second set of unbookmarked matching trips (corresponding to preset 2) would be ranked 4, the third set 7, and so on. The operation will continue until BC reaches either a blank preset or the "Defaults" (same as the 11th) preset, whichever occurs first. After bookmarking all of the presets, BC will open the Matching  Pairings Window and display all of your bookmarked trips in "Rank" order. The reason BC increments the rank by 3 for each preset is to give you room to refine the rankings within each rank group. For example, you might want to rank some #1 ranked trips to #2, or to #3 etc. The rank values can go up to 33 to accomodate all ten preference presets if you use them.