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Automatically Bookmarking Schedules in the RJSG

Above the schedule Bookmark check box in the RJSG is a button labeled 'Auto BM/Rank'.  You will only see this if you have created schedules either automatically or manually.

Pressing that button will cause all schedules to be automatically bookmarked and ranked in the order in which they are displayed and then BC will automatically generate and display the resulting bidscript. Again, the rank order is determined by the schedule ordering criterion you have selected. When you click the 'Auto BM/Rank', if BC has created more than 80 schedules, only the first 80 will be bookmarked and ranked. If there are fewer than 80, then all will be bookmarked and ranked. In both cases the bidscript will show bid groups for all schedules that have been bookmarked plus the generic bid group if you have that option selected in "BS Options".