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Pairing Processing

Press this button to initiate pairing processing.   pairing processing converts the text file containing all of the pairings into a structured database that Bid Central uses to make sense of information extracted from each pairing. 

Here is what happens when you press this button: 

First, BC will rename the downloaded zip file by adding a '-' and the number of the bid month to the file name.  For example May DTW320.ZIP will be renamed to DTW320-5.ZIP.  This way you can always identify the correct zip file for any month if you need to do that, and the zip file for any previous month in that year will not be overwritten so that it will be available if you need to ever re-process pairings.

If the .zip file has not been unzipped or the pairing file field is blank, Bid Central will unzip the downloaded zip file and select the correct pairing file to process.   After unzipping, BC will put the name of the resultant text file into the "Text File Field" as shown here.  BC will always put the text file into a separate folder for that month.  In this case it is the "JunePatt" folder.

Then Bid Central will process pairings for the bid month.  Remember that BC always processes the text file whose name appears in the "Text File Field".  If you want to process pairings for a different aircraft, be sure to clear the text file field first.  

While processing pairings you will see a progress bar first for setting up the pairings to process and then to actually process them into all of the different data fields Bid Central will use.  After processing, the pairing Acquisition Form will close and the new pairing numbers will be displayed in the pairing list on the calendar for the selected month.

There are several errors you can get when processing pairings.

1)  Pairing File Could not be Identified:  If you get that error you probably selected the wrong zip file.  It is best to let BC automatically identify the pairing Zip File if possible.  Always download the pairing zip file into the "C:\BidCentral\pairings" folder.

2) Bidmonth Mismatch:  In this case, the pairing zip file you selected is for the wrong bid month.  Always overwrite the previous months zip file when downloading pairings to avoid confusion.  When you overwrite the file, don't worry.  You won't loose the pairings for that month.  They will still appear in the trips list for that month.

If you get an error, pairing processing will stop so you can correct the problem.

NOTE:  After installing a new version of Bid Central, it is usually a good idea to reprocess pairings for the current bid month.  To reprocess pairings, just click  in the appropriate month.   If you don't want to loose your "bookmarks", before re-processing pairings, save your bookmarks to a Bookmark pairing Set (BPS) in the BPS Screen.  After processing pairings, you can then recall your previously saved bookmarks.  

Pairing Processing Options

There are three options you can select before processing pairings which will determine how the NWA formatted pairings will look. 

1)  Include layover city names:  Will put the layover city name below the code for the city within the pairing as shown here:


2)  Include layover hotel phone #:  Will show the layover hotel phone number after the name of the hotel.  This hotel number comes from a database that BC keeps for all the short and long layover hotels for each city.


3)  Include limo info if applicable:  Will show limo info below the hotel info.


You can edit the above information in the Layover List Managment Screen.   It will be up to you to keep this information current as there is no way to update it automatically at this time.  If you do edit the layover city or hotel or limo information, any changes will appear only after you process or re-process pairings.