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Matching Pairing Display Window Overview

This screen is also referred to as the "Selected Pairings Display".  This is where you can review the subset of pairings selected in the Pattern Analysis (PA) or Layover Analysis (LA) Screens, or when you display pairings in the Bookmark Pattern Set (BPS) Screen.

It is in this window that you normally "Bookmark" and rank those trips that appeal to you.  BC will remember all trips you bookmark until you either clear your Bookmarks, or unbookmark trips either individually or collectively. 

It is important to remember that "Bookmarked" pairings are the only pairings used by the schedule generator to create schedules.  After you bookmark a pairing it is automatically given a rank of whatever is in the Rank box.  (If there is no value in the rank box, the number 3 will be assigned as the rank.)   You can rank a pattern (or group of pairings)  between 1 and 33.  

You can also set a limit value for each trip.  This box will be enabled only if the trip operates on more than one day.  The range of limit values available will correspond with the number of times the trip operates up to a maximum of 14.  Whatever you set the limit value to tells the Ramjet Schedule Generator the maximum number of times this trip can appear in any given schedule.  

Note:  Do not confuse the trip limit with the "Trip Day Limit Directive" in the RJSG.  The Trip Day Limit Directive limits the number of schedules that can contain a given trip on a given day, whereas the trip limit value determines the number of times a given trip can appear in any single schedule.

You can toggle pattern bookmarks in several ways.  The easiest is to 'right-click' on the small arrow control as you move through pairings.  You can right-click on either arrow so long as the arrow is enabled.  You can also click on the bookmark check box, or right click in the pattern or over the pattern in the pattern select list. 

Note: You can bookmark pairings in the Ramjet schedule generator by checking or unchecking the "bookmark" check box ( in the upper right portion of the screen) when the pairing is selected.  You can also select the rank after you check to bookmark.

When you bookmark a pairing, the pairing display will change to white on blue as shown here:

If you want to see the trip in the Delta Rotation Format click and the trip will appear as shown below.  

What follows is a description of the other buttons and controls on this screen.  In this discussion the term "selected trips" refers to the pairing subset that is available in this window.

Rank:  Rank is a value you assign to each bookmarked pairing.  The higher the rank (lower the number) the more you prefer the pairing.  Higher ranked pairings are considered first when the Ramjet Schedule Generator (RJSG) builds schedules.

Limit:  You can select a value here other than "None" to limit the number of time times this pairing can appear on any given schedule built in the RJSGNone corresponds to no limit.  The number of values available will correspond to the number of times the trip operates in the bid month up to a max of 14 because that would correspond to a full schedule even for a one-day pairing.

Bookmark & Rank All Selected Trips:  If you press this button,  all selected trips will then be given the rank you've selected before you press the button.   You can re-rank all of the trips by changing the rank to a new value and again pressing [BM ALL Selected Trips].

Go to First Unbookmarked Trip:  Will find and display the first "unbookmarked" pattern.  If all trips have been bookmarked, this button is disabled.

Bookmark & Rank Only UnBookmarked Trips:  This button allows you to rank only "unbookmarked" trips in one step.  Sometimes when you select pairings, your will get a mixture of pairings.  Some of the pairings you will have previously bookmarked with a value you do not want to change.  So if you use this button, your new bookmark and ranking will affect only the pairings that have not already been bookmarked.

UnBookmark All Selected Trips:  Pressing this button will result in all selected trips being unbookmarked.

Print Selected Pattern(s) Summary:  This will allow you to print a pattern summary report for the selected trips.

Show Only Bookmarked Trips:  Pressing this button will limit the display to only bookmarked trips.  When you press it, the command button will be relabled to "Show ALL Selected Trips".

Select DAL or NWA Format:  Pressing this button will allow you to toggle between the DAL and NWA pairing formats.  BC will remember what was last selected and keep it as the new default for this screen.

Smaller Font:  Will change the pairing display font to either a smaller or larger font.  BC will remember what was last selected and keep it as the new default for this screen.

Below the pairing display portion of this screen is a drop-down box which allows you to select the criterion for odering the pairings.

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