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Pairing Acquisition Form (Getting Pairings Into BC)

To open this form select "Pairings"..."Get and Process Pairings.  Here is a screen shot of the form.

You may have to resize the screen horizontally to see the complete field entries.

If you have not yet downloaded the "" file for your position, when this screen opens both entries will appear blank as shown here.

Click this link for instructions on how to download the pairings for your position from Delta Net, and save them so BC will know where to find them automatically.

After downloading the ".zip" file for your position, click .

Note: If you download pairings and then open the "Pairing Acquistion Form", BC will automatically find the correct file and put it into the box as though you had pressed the [Autofind] button.

If BC finds the ".zip" file for your position, it will put it into the box as shown.

If BC cannot find the file, you can select it yourself by pressing: The standard File selection window will open as shown: 

Remember that you are actually selecting a zipped folder as indicated by the lock you see on it.

Use this link for information on Processing Pairings