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Bid Script Options Window

It is in this window that you select the options for defining the options for how you want BC to generate your bid scripts from the schedules you have bookmarked and ranked in the RJSG.

Click the link below for a detailed description of how each item affects the generated bid script
  • Note:  The information in the links below is shown using the ATLAS scripting language.  It works exactly the same in the Delta PBS scriptiing language which is what Bid Central generates.  I will update to reflect the Delta PBS language in the near future.

    Put header in every bid group

    Put Trips in script in departure date order

    Number bid groups in consecutive order

    Combine op once trips into single command

    Combine multi-dates of same patt # into one cmd

    Generate a generic bid as last bid group

    Show Avoid Work days in every bid group

    Add SVT Credit Info in each bid group

    Color code bid script report output