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Recalling "Bookmarked" or ALL Schedules in SG Screen

When you click on [Recall BM Scheds] in the schedule generator screen, you will recall the set of Bookmarked schedules that you previously saved in the selected location (either 1, 2, 3 or 4).  This button will be enabled only when there are Bookmarked schedules saved in the location you have selected.  When you recall Bookmarked schedules, the first schedule is displayed in the calendar, and the rank is displayed.  The schedules will appear in rank order as you move through them.   (You do not have the option of changing schedule order unless you change the rank order, save the schedules, and then recall them.)

In this screenshot, area 5 has been selected.  Because schedules where previously saved in area 5, the [Recall Scheds from 5] button is enabled.  Because schedules are displayed on the RJSG Calendar, the [Save ALL + BM Scheds to 5] button is also enabled.  If you select a different location, the buttons will be re-labled to reflect your new selection.

NOTE:  When you recall BM scheds, the days off are set to those that were set when you saved that set of BM scheds.  Those new days off will become the days off that BC saves, and will be the days off shown when you return to the RJSG screen if you exit the screen with those days off selected.

When you click on [Recall ALL + Bookmarked], you recall the schedules previously saved in location 5..8.  You must first select the location you want to recall.  Then, if schedules had previously been saved in that location for the selected bidmonth, the [Recall ALL + Bookmarked] will be enabled for you to recall the schedules.

NOTE:  If you save schedules with one or more "fixed trips", those trips will appear on your schedule as "fixed trips".