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Printing Bookmarked Pairings (Patterns)

There are several reports for Bookmarked Pairings.

If you select "Reports"..... "Bookmarked Pairings" a window will open as follows.

When you preview or print this report, you will get a summary of the pairings you have bookmarked as shown here.

If you select "Reports"....."Bookmarked Pairings with Pairings" you will have the option of showing these pairings in the Delta or NWA pattern format.  What you get when you print this report is really a subset of the bid package showing only the pairings you have bookmarked.  Below is a screenshot of how this report looks using the NWA format.

The last way to print a report showing Bookmarked Pairings is in the Pattern Summary by Op Date Screen.  This screen will allow you to select and print a report using only Bookmarked Pairings.  For more details on this screen, click the above link.