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Adding Commuter Flights for a selected route                         

From the Commuter Route Setup form, select the route you want to add flights for.  Then press the command button [Add New Flight(s) for Selected Route]

BC will then display the Flight Data Form.

Select [New Flight]

At that time the fields will become active.  The "From" and "To" fields will already be filled in with the route information and cannot be changed.  The default airline is always Northwest, but you can change to any of the stored airlines.  You can also enter a new airline if the airline you want isn't in the list.  When you change the airline, the aircraft selection will change to only the aircraft in that carrier's fleet.  

Select the airline and then enter the flight number, and select the aircraft.

When you get to the Dep Time field, the "Time Entry Helper" (TEH) will pop up.  Enter the time by selecting it.  Then press enter.  All times must be entered as military time and the TEH does just that.  NOTE: You can activate the TEH by 'right-clicking' on any field in BC that shows dep or arr time for a commuter flight.

Next, select the operating days.  Normally a trip will operate on all 7 days, so all days will be shown in green.  To deactivate a day, click on it and the color will change to red, and a line will be drawn through the number of the day.  Remember, 1 = Monday in the trip op day world. 

If you have entered seemingly valid information, the [Save] button will be enabled.  Press [Save] and the trip will appear on the trip list for that route, and the fields will be blanked out for subsequent entries.

For information on how to copy lines from the timetable link, or how to use the Flight Table Editor, see separate help topics.  To access help on either topic,   right-click over each item in the Flight Data Form.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Enter all flights in departure time order.  For 2-leg commutes, entire flights in departure time for the first segment flights.