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Pairing Summary by Operating Date Screen

To open this screen select "Reports"....."Pairings by Operating Date".  The following window will open.

This screen allows you to create a report of pairings that operate on the days you specify.  There are several sections to this screen that determine what pairings you will see.


Trips in Report:  This determines the set of pairings used for the selections that follows.  You can select "All pairings" or "Bookmarked pairings Only"

Days in Report:  

All Days:  Will show every day the pairing(s) operate.  The pairings are the ones selected in "pairings in Report".
Select Op Days:   This applies to bookmarked pairings and will show only the op days you selected for the pairings you bookmarked
Only Days Selected Below:  If you select this option, the calendar will be enabled.  You can then select the op days you want to see on the calendar.  You can click on the day of week (e.g. "M" for monday), to toggle the selection for that day of week in the entire month.

Crew Position:  If unchecked you will see pairings for all crew positions;  otherwise, you will see only pairings for the selected crew position.

Do Report:  Clicking that button will create the report for the options you've selected.  If you have "Print Preview" checked, the report will first appear in a window on the screen where you can review it and print it out if you choose.

In the screen shot we have selected Bookmarked pairings that depart on Mondays.

Here is what this report looked like based upon pairings that were bookmarked: