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Saving Bookmarked or ALL Schedules in RJSG

After bookmarking schedules in the schedule generator, the [Save BM Scheds] command button will be enabled.  This allows you to save the current set of bookmarked schedules, along with selected days off, for later recall.  You can save up to four sets of Boomarked schedules (in 1..4)  for any month and also four sets of complete schedules (in 5..8)  Schedule sets need not have the same days off or bookmarked trips.  In fact, saved sheds are completely independent of eachother.  Below the [Save .. Scheds] button is a panel with 8 option buttons. 

If you select buttons one through four, you are specifying that you want to save Bookmarked ONLY Schedules in that location.  If you select buttons five through eight, you are specifying that you want to save ALL schedules and preserve the appropriate bookmarks.   The numbers you select are the locations where BC will save the schedules.  Just select the location you want  save your schedules to, and then press the [Save ... Scheds] button.  To recall BM schedules, select the location you want to recall from, and press [Recall BM Scheds].  If there are no schedules saved in a particular location, the [Recall .. Scheds] button will be disabled.

Deleting BM Scheds

You can delete Bookmarked schedules in any location by right-clicking over 1.. 8.   When you right-click over a location that contains schedules, BC will ask you to confirm the choice to delete.  After you delete the schedules in that location,  the  [Recall BM Scheds] button will be disabled.  Because these schedules are saved with bookmarked trips, they take a fair amount of disk space;  therefore, I recommend that after you are finished bidding for a given month, you delete your saved bookmarked schedules for that month.

You can delete Bookmarked schedules for all months with a single command.  In the "File" menu, select "Delete all Bookmarked scheds and associated files".  BC will ask you to confirm your choice, and confirm the delete once the operation is completed.  I recommend you do this every few months after bidding.