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Saving RJSG Calendars to an html file to view or print

If you press the [->HTML] button on the schedule generator screen, you will save the currently displayed calendar to an HTML file which you can then view and print at any later time.  If you check the associated "append" check-box, the current calendar will be appended to any other calendars you have already saved.  In this way you can save and print a series of gen-sched calendars of your choosing.  When you view these calendars, you actually view them just like a web page from within your web browser.  

You can view any "saved html sg calendars" on the SG screen by simply pressing the [Show] button.  Remember, the calendars will be shown as a web page in your web browser.  If the [Show] button is disabled (greyed out), then you haven't yet saved any sg calendars for that bid month.

Printing the HTML calendars

To print any HTML calendars, just select the print option in your web browser when viewing them.  
There is one important thing you must do however, if you want the calendars to print as you see them in your browser.

Select:   "Tools"...."Internet Options" menu
     Then click the "Advanced" tab
     Scroll down to the "Printing" section
      Make sure you check the "Print background color and images" check box
You can save schedule generator calendars separately for each bid month.  The calendars (saved for a given bid month) are available for viewing at any time from the "Links" .... "SG Scheds saved in html" menu option.  If the options is not enabled, you have not saved any  SG schedules for that bid month. 

If you want to save a little printer ink, you can choose to make the SG html calendars transparent.  To do that, go to the profile screen and in the preferences section check "Make html calendars transparent".  Note that is preference applies only to the SG saved html calendars.