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Removing Pairing Operating Day(s)

The Delta pairings have a very complex way to describe on which days of the month the pairings operate.  Bid Central processes that information to create the list of days in the bid month that the pairing operates.  If for some reason Bid Central makes a mistake in processing, you can correct the mistake by adding or removing a pairing operating date.

To remove a day do the following.
  • Select the desired pairing number in the FC trip list.
  • To remove a day, right-click on the calendar day block (the big block) in the Flight Calendar for the operating day you want to remove. The FC menu will pop up over that day.  Select the item "Remove Pairing Operating Day". Note: This menu item will be enabled only if BC shows the trip operating on that day. When you select this item, BC will ask you to confirm that you want to remove the operating day there.  If you answer [Yes] to confirm, BB will remove that day from the valid pairing operating days. Once you elect to remove, the FC will no longer show that day as a valid operating day for that paring number.