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Ramjet Schedule Generator Directives

The schedule generator directives screen is where you set directives that determine the schedules you want Bid Central to build.  Schedule Generator Directives are only active if the box is checked next to the SG Directives command button. 

You can open the Directives Window by clicking on the the command button.  (The box must be checked to activate the button.)

Here are the available directives.

1)  Limit Commutes:  When you set this directive, it will force Bid Central to accept only schedules that meet the commute number you specify.  Bid Central looks at the "leading edge" of a trip or group of trips when counting commutes; therefore, carry-in trips are not counted as a commute in the bid month in which they end.  SVT is considered a commutable event.  Consecutive trips or scheduled activities are counted as a single commute because BC assumes you will spend the night at base.

2)  Set minimum block of days off to:  This directive forces BC to accept only schedules which have at least one block of days off that is equal to or greater than the specified parameter.  In the case above, BC would allow only schedules with at least one block of 8 consecutive days off.  (This directive is very powerful if you want a big block of days off but don't care where in the month they occur.)

3)  Set Minimum days off between activities to:  This directive forces BC to accpt only schedules that have at least this many (i.e. the parameter you specify) days off between trips (or a group of trips if the trips are adjoining). For example, if you set the parameter to "4", then BC will accept only those schedules that have at least 4 days off between trips.  If you have a carry-in trip, then BC will force separation between the carry-in and new trips.  If there is no carry-in, then trips beginning on the first days of the bid month are allowed.

4)  Set Minimum total days OFF:  This directive forces BC to accept only schedules with this number or more days off.

5)  Limit Consecutieve Work Days:  This directive forces BC to limit schedules to only those that have the selected number or fewer consecutive work days.   If there are two consecutive trips and there is more than 24 hours off between them, BC will consider them not to be consecutive work days.  This directive will also consider any carry-out days when calculating the limit.

When you select more than one parameter, you have the option of joining with other parameters using "AND" or "OR".   BC does not group the parameters when specifying the filter condition.  The conditions are considered in series from top to bottom using the join operator you specify.

There are several other independent directives.  These directives are always "Anded" with the other set of directives, and are considered first when building schedules:

Carry Out Limit:  Limits carry-out to the number of hours your select.

Note:  To limit carry-out days, simply mark days off in the next bid month.

Set Commute Start Time:
Set Commute End Time:

These two directives correspond with the same command in ATLAS and will filter out any schedules that do not match the settings you provide if either directive is active.

Limit # of Trips on Schedule to:   This directive will filter any schedules that have more than the specified number of trips on the schedule.

It is also important to note that the schedule generator directives are only active when you check the box adjacent to the "Schedule Generator Directives" command button.  If the box is not checked (and the command button disabled), the directives are not active, regardless of what directives you may have checked.

All SG directives are preserved so that when you return to the SG screen they remain as you left them regardless of whether the SG Directives are active or not.