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Selecting Pairing (pairing) Op Days for the RJSG

Below is the Op Day selection calendar shown in the Matching Pairing Display Window.

This calendar allows you to select the pairing operating days that you want the Ramjet Schedule Generator to consider when building schedules.  Unless you set pairing exclusion dates in the PA screen, this calendar will always show ALL operating days as selected.  You can then select the day(s) you want.  If a day is selected, it will appear in green.  If a day is de-selected, it will appear in red.  Non-op days are disabled on the calendar for whichever trip is selected for display.  If a day appears as "green", and is disalbed, then it is the only day selected.  If the pairing operates on only one day, the day will appear in green and you cannot change it.  Bid Central requires that at least ONE day be selected, so the selection logic enforces that.

To toggle a day, it must first be enabled.  Just click on the day to toggle it.  You can also toggle entire days of the month by clicking on the DOM heading, which will be highlighted when you position the mouse pointer over it.

Just remember that BC will enforce the rule that one day must always be selected.  In other words, no matter what you do, BC will always make sure that at least one day is selected.  If only one day is selected, that day will always appear in "green".

Here is a description of the buttons:

[Select All]:  All possible pairing operating days will be "selected"
[Select One]:  Only the first op day will be "selected".  You can select other days by first selecting the other day and then selecting the first day.
[Invert Select]:  Will cause the opposite days to be selected within the selection logic.
[Restore Op Days for ALL pairings]:  Will select all operating days for all pairings.

NOTE:  None of the selection buttons will be enabled if the pairing operates on only one day.

You can bring up the Op Day Selection Calendar in one of three ways:
1) Double-click on any pattern number in the schedule generator list.
2) Click the  [Show Op Day Select] button.  
3)  Click on any pattern on the SG calendar after generating schedules.  Then "Right-Click" and select "Open Op Day Select Window for this pattern".  This is a quick way to change pairing operating days for pairings you want to limit when building schedules.

The Op Day selection window remains active as long as it is displayed.  You can change pairings with the calendar up, and the calendar will be updated automatically.