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Shifting vacation in the RJSG Calendar

For vacation days to appear in the schedule generator, you must add them to the FC before opening the schedule generator.  Once they are on the FC, they will appear on the SG calendar when you open it, and BC will show the proper vacation credit in a box below the SG calendar. 

When you shift vacation in the SG calendar, you are shifting only for the purpose of schedule generation so you can test different scenarios.  You can shift vacation only if the SG calendar is "Empty".  The SG calendar is considered empty when the [Create Schedules] button is active.  Shifting vaction in the SG does NOT effect the original vaction on the FC.  If you do ultimately move your vaction in your bid, you will have to remove it from your FC, and then replace it where it actually occurs after you get your schedule.

To shift vacation, "right-click" over any vacation day for the vacation you want to shift.  Then select "Shift Vacation"...."Left/Right".... then the number of days you want to shift it.  BC will keep track of each vacation period and allow a shift of at most 3 days either left (minus) or right (plus).  The number of days you are allowed to shift either direction is determined by the shifts you've already made. This gives you the flexibility to move your vacation the opposite direction after the first shift.   Because of this built-in protection, you will never be able to move your vacation more that the 3-day max either direction.

The other restriction on shifting vacation is that BC will not allow you to shift your vacation onto another scheduled activity.  BC will allow you to shift your vaction into an "OFF" day.

BC will now add the "SET Slide Vacation Date..." to your bidscript for each vaction period that you shift in the schedule generator.  This command (or set of commands if you slide more than one vacation period) will appear in each bid group.

Note:  Under the new DAL joint contract, you are longer be able to shift your vacation in bidding.