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Setting Days OFF in the RJSG Calendar

A day off is simply a day you do not want to work.   BC will ensure that schedules built will honor the days off you have set.

To mark a day off in the RJSG calendar, simply click on the number of the day. If the day is disabled (not in the bid month), right-click on the green block to the right of the day. Click again to make the day available. 

You can toggle the entire DOW "ON" or "OFF" in the SG Calendar by clicking on the heading for the Day of the Week (DOW). When you move the mouse over the DOW heading, the mouse pointer will change to a hand, and the DOW heading will become bold. When you click on the heading the entire DOW within that bid month will be toggled "OFF" or "ON" depending upon what was previously selected. For example, if you want all Mondays and Tuesdays "OFF", you need click only the DOW headings for Monday and Tuesday to mark those days "OFF".

Likewise, if you right-click over the day number on any Sunday day in the bid month, that entire week will be toggled "ON" or "OFF".    Any days that are already marked in that week will be set to the opposite.

You can clear all days off by pressing the [Clear ALL Days Off]   button on the RJSG screen.