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Flight Calendar (FC) Overview

The Flight Calendar (FC) is what you see after BC starts (after you pass the registration screen if you have not yet registered).  You can think of the FC as your airline and life "reality".  It is also the operations hub for Bid Central.  The menu items at the top of the FC give you access to all primary Bid Central functionality.  After you have processed pairings for a given month, the pairing number list will be populated next to the FC.  Those pairings will be then be available for use in BC and on the BC FC.   This is the calendar on which you put all of your scheduled activities for the month and any pairings your are assigned.  It will also show any important dates (e.g. birthdays) you defined in your User Profile.  It will also show any holidays you have elected to appear.  Additionally, you can type any other information you want inside any calendar day block.  That way it can become a complete family calendar.  You can print this calendar out in any number of ways, and can even create an html (web page) version of the calendar which you can email to family and friends.  Below is a series of links explaining how to do things with your FC.

This is an image of the FC.  Remember, you can size this window as you require for whatever screen size is on your computer.  This image is smaller than would normally appear on your computer.

Below is a set of links describing FC functions.

How to load pairings for your aircraft into the FC

How to select pairings in the FC

How to add pairings to the FC

How to include birthdays and special events or other important dates on the FC

How to add and remove scheduled activities to/from the FC

How to select and display pairings from the FC pairings list

How to easily display pairings on your FC

How to easily add your awarded schedule to the FC

How to see your projected monthly pay from pairings on your FC

How to change the color of pairings on your FC

How to "normalize" the pairing shading on the FC

FC and monthly schedule printing options

How to create and html version of your FC

How to define the Holidays you want to see on your FC (and by default RJSG)

What is the Very Small Calendar (VSC)?