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Selecting Pairings in the Flight Calendar

There are several ways to select pairings in the FC.  The first is to click in the pairing list and then scroll down to the pairing you want.  Another way is to select any pairing in the list and then quickly type the pattern number.  BC will attempt to find the pattern as you type.  The third way is to click the [Select pairing] button.  This is a "smart" window for selecting the pairing.  Just click on the digits for the pattern number you want and as you type, BC will match the pattern you have specified.  You can also display a pairing from this window, or drag the pairing number as shown and drop it onto a valid pairing operating day on the FC.

Note:  When you select any pairing on the FC (or the RJSG), BC will show the valid pairing operating days visually by highlighting those days on the calendar.