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Layover Analysis Screen

The Layover Analysis Screen allows you to make easily formed yet very complex searches of the pairings for a given month that match the criteria you set forth on the screen.  The most impressive part of this search capability is the ability to search for layovers of any length, in a given city, that fall on a selected day-of-the-month or day-of-the-week.  Furthermore, for each city you select, all of the possible layover dates for that city are shown on the calendar in blue so you immediately know which on which days the layover you selected occurs.  The available days change as you modify the layover arrival time and (or) the layover length.  And just as in the PA screen, you get immediate feedback on the number of pairings that match your criterion.

Here are the parts of the screen and what they do.

1)  Layover City Combo Box:  This one is easy.  Just select the layover city you want Bid Central to consider in this search.  The list of layover cities available is a list of all layover cities in the most recently processed bidmonth bid packet.

2) "On 1 of these days" check box:  When you check this box, the small calendar is activated, showing the appropriate days in the bid month you are on.  You can select any day that is enabled, or deselect it by clicking again. If a day is disabled, there are no layovers on that day that meet the other selection criteria you've defined.   When a day is selected, the number becomes blue.  You can also select an entire column of days by clicking on the day-of-the-week heading.  For example, if you want to select all "Saturdays", just click on the far right "S" in the day headings.  Similarly, you can des-select the days by clicking it again, just as you can any individual day.  Remember, you must specify at least 1 day if you check this box, or it will be impossible for BC to find a pattern match.  Bid Central will try to match pairings with the specified layover on ANY day in the list.
Ths [Unselect All] button will unselect all selected days with 1 click.  This button is enabled only  when the check box is checked.

Just as in all other selection calendars in BC, if you click on the day-of-week heading, all days in the month for that day of week will be selected or de-selected. 

3) "AND that Arrive in xxx "check box:  When you click this check box, the two combo boxes below it are enabled.  In the left box you select the operator.  Possible operators are "Before", "After", "AT + 30", "AT+60", and "AT + 120".  These operators work just like the ones in the Pattern Analysis screen.  The second box is the military time you want to compare to.  

4)  "AND Have a Layover Length" check box:  When you click this check box, the two combo boxes below it are enabled.  The left box gives you a choice of two operators: ">" and "<".  The second box is the operand, and is a list of hours.  

5)  "Honor Avoids" check box:  If you have "Set Avoids" in the PA Screen, and you check this box, BC will filter any of the avoided trips before performing any of the searches you define in this screen.

Each condition (enabled by checking one of the check boxes described above) is "ANDED" to any other conditions you enable.

To see which trips have layovers which match the criterion you've specified, click on the [Show Pairings that Match] button.  After you click the button, matching pairings are displayed just as they are in the Pattern Analysis screen, and you can "bookmark" them in the same manner.  If there are no pairings which match, a message is displayed in red telling you that there was no match.

In the example below we are looking for all trips with a Friday night Austin (AUS) layover greater than 19 hours.

And here is the Matching Pattern Window which shows the result.


Additional Notes

When selecting trips with a layover on a given day,  with "On one of these days" checked,  the trip operating "select op days" are automatically selected. The only select op days "marked" are ones that satisfy that layover criteria. Again, this occurs ONLY when "On one of these days" has been checked. The other modifier to that concept is that if the trip has previously been bookmarked, the previously selected trip op days are preserved and then modified to include the op days that satisfy the layover request.

If the layover is longer than 24 hours,  BC will not identify the fact that there is a layover on the "next" night because BC looks only at the layover arrival day.  You can capture that layover however by selecting the appropriate layover length, knowing that a layover longer than 24 hours will include the following day or days depending upon the layover length you select.