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FC Projected Pay Button

BC can calculate the projected pay for whatever schedule you put on your Flight Calendar.  To see the projected pay, press the [Projected Pay] button on the lower right corner of the FC.  When you click on this button, the Pay Window will open and show your total pay including flight pay, and international override, and per diem (both domestic and international), and pay for any scheduled activites including SVT.

If you fly a Yellow or Green slip trp, you can designate that trip as such in the FC by right-clicking over any day block in the trip and selecting the "Set Trip Color" option.  When a given trip color is selected, that option is disabled to indicate that it is the currently selected color for the trip.  The default color is White which has no premium for pay.  For the purposes of calculating pay, Yellow slip trip pay is 1.5 times normal pay and Green slip trip pay is 2 times normal pay.

Note:  For this pay to be accurate, the correct pay rates must be entered in the User Profile Screen.... Payrates Tab.