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Adding Flights line-by-line from Timetable     

You can easily add commuter  flights for a given route by copying the flights directly from the timetable which you can access by clicking on the link.  It is important to note that BC will not accept a line in which the "To City" doesn't match the required "To City" for the route you have selected.

To Enter a new flight using the "line copy" method.
1) Select [New Flight]
        When you do that, the line entry field is enabled.

2) Copy and paste a line from the timetable.  It is your option to include the mileage portion of the line.  Copied lines should look like:

          DFW 709a 935a 401 319
          DFW 709a 935a 401 319 852

Be sure to include the trip op day info also on lines that have it.
Here's an example:

         DLH 853p 937p 1431 DC9 X6 144

As soon as you copy the line, Bid Central will parse it and fill in the appropriate fields on the form.  (NOTE: If information is missing or invalid, the [Save] button will not be enabled.)  If you are satisfied with the info that BC has entered into the fields, press the [Save] command button.  When you save, the flight will be added for that route.

If there is a connecting flight also, you will have to copy and paste in two steps.  First copy and paste the first segment, then the second segment.  The [Save] Button will only be enabled after both flight segments have been successfully copied and parsed by Bid Central.

Note the following two facts:
(1)  BC will convert the am/pm times to military time format.
(2)  If the flight number already exists for that city-pair combination, BC will overwrite it with the new information when you press [Save].