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Trip Legality Checking Directive in Ramjet Schedule Generator

Bid Central makes all trip legality checks in the schedule generator when building schedules.  Here are the checks BC makes.

You select the legality checking you want to use by clicking the [Legality Checking Directives] button on the SG screen.  BC performs a seven calendar day look-back from where you are at at midnight local base time during each day of a trip to determine trip legality for each day.  It will also perfrom a 30 day look-back.

1)  29-in-7 checks for domestic flying:  Bid Central will ensure that 29-in-7 is not exceeded for any "domestic-only" trip.  

2)  32-in-7 checks for international flying segments.  You must check the "Enable 32-in-7" box for this check to be active.  

3)  24 off in 7 checking is always active.

4)  8 hr hardfly in 24 hrs elapsed for non-augmented between adjacent trips.

5)  Minimum time off between trips checking is always active.  Bid Central also now correctly checks one-day augmented international turns for the minimum rest after the trip.    You can look to see what mimimum rest BC calculates for a trip by displaying the pattern.  If you disagree with what BC has calculated, you are free to change it to the value you think it should be.  When BC generates schedules, it will use the new value.