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Trip (Pairing) Day Limit Directive in RJSG

The Trip-Day limit can be used in the schedule generator to limit the number of times a trip-day can appear in the schedule the RJSG builds.  The trip limit is actually a trip-day limit since some trips operate on multiple days and we are interested in the number of schedules containing a specific pairing (pairing number on a given day)  The advantage of selecting a trip-day limit is to limit the number of schedules that are dependent upon a given trip (pairing) on a given day.  The reason you might want have a limit is to avoid creating and bookmarking desireable schedules that are too dependent upon you being awarded a given trip (paring) on a given day.  If you limit the trip-day, the schedules you generate (and therefore bookmark and bid) will, by design, have limited dependencies on any given trip-day.   Many schedules are "out-the-window" if you can't get a certain trip (pairing), so it can be a very good thing to limit trip dependencies because you won't waste bid-groups on schedules which contain a trip (paring) you can't get.  The Trip-Day limit directive gives you an easy and consistent way to limit dependencies and diversify your bidding.  This is particularly important for more junior bidders.

The Trip Day Limit Directive must be check in the RJSG for this directive to be active.

To Open the TDL Directive, click on the button next to the check box.  When you click, the following window opens.

You can set the limit to whatever you feel is appropriate.

Note:  When you use this directive you do eliminate the possibility of seeing schedules you may prefer to other schedules.