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Updating to the latest version of Bid Central

You update Bid Central from the Softmica Website, pilots download upgrade section.  Here are the steps to make updating easier.

1)  Update Bid Central at least monthly so that you don't get behind on updates.  It is very important that you keep BC up-to-date.  If you get too far behind, it will be impossible to update without doing a "full-install" update.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure the Bid Central is NOT running when you do the update;  otherwise,  it will be impossible to update BC properly.

2)  Click on the "Update to BC Version xx Rev yy" link.
3)  When the download window opens, click [Run].  The BC update program will then be downloaded to your computer and once downloaded will begin to run.  
4)  Answer all pertinent questions while the update installation program is running.  
5)  You'll know that your update was successful if when you run BC, the version displayed on start-up, or in "Help...About" is the same as the version number on the update page that you downloaded.
7)  Sometimes the update notes on the website will instruct you to reprocess pairings after installing your update.  It is vital that you follow those instructions because BC often times makes changes to file structures that are updated when you reprocess pairings.  If you don't reprocess, you will get errors that will seemingly come out of nowhere when BC tries to do something in the new structure that doesn't yet exist on your computer because you didn't reprocess pairings.  Click this link for information on reprocessing pairings.